Meet the Leadership Team

Three Generations of Glendora Employment Agency, Inc.

Glendora Employment Agency, Inc. was founded in 1956 by a pioneering female entrepreneur, with a mission of providing employment services to the San Gabriel Valley.  Theresa Powell was hired in the early 1960s.  In 1978, the business was sold to Theresa Powell and her daughter Barbara Latasa, with the dream of a mother/daughter business duo.  The dream was cut short when Ms. Powell was diagnosed with cancer and then passed in 1980.  As difficult as it was, Barbara carried on with the business.  Barbara reached out to her teenage daughter, Theresa (named after her grandmother), in the 80’s to help her with payroll and billing.  A new mother/daughter team was beginning.  Barbara Latasa retired in 2017, however, still remains as an active board member.


Theresa Latasa Mumma

Theresa Latasa Mumma started working for Glendora Employment Agency, Inc. as a part-time payroll/billing clerk.  After graduating high school and then college, Theresa returned to the business full-time as their Business Development Manager/Accounting Supervisor.  To understand the business even further, Theresa took on the role of Senior Recruiter.  In 2000, Theresa was promoted to Vice President.  Her position proved to be challenging while navigating through the early 2000’s and then the crash of 2008.  Glendora Employment Agency, Inc. emerged stronger than ever.  With the retirement of Barbara Latasa in 2017, Theresa Latasa Mumma was promoted to President/CEO.

Theresa’s hobbies include sailing, diving, flying, traveling, and spending time with her family.  Theresa and her husband plan to retire on their sailboat and set off to circumnavigate the world.

Laura Corona
Staffing Manager

Elsa Barboza
Staffing Coordinator